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The Jurassic Foundation's application system has moved online!  See below for details.

Proposal Guidlines

Jurassic Foundation grant proposals are now submitted online.  If you are unable to access the online system please scroll to the bottom of the page for instructions on how to submit via email.


All Jurassic Foundation grant applications must carefully follow these guidelines. The application consists of three main sections: 1. Cover Page; 2. Proposal Body; 3. Budget; 4. Applicant CV; and 5. Supporting Documents. Each section is described below.


Before proceeding with an application, please be sure to review our Funding FAQs & Tips for Success.

1. Cover Page

The cover page is automatically generated by the online submission system.  It consists of: 1). basic information on the applicant (name, contact information, career stage, organizational information, and geographic information); 2). general information on the proposal (title, amount requested, project duration, and a disclosure of current and pending funding for the proposed project; 3). funds transfer information; and 4). a checklist of uploads to ensure a complete application. 

2. Proposal Body

The proposal body must not exceed a total of five pages in 12 point or larger font, and may be single-spaced.  The list of references (bibliography) does not count toward the page limit and there is no limit to the length of the reference list.  Note that figures and tables are considered supplementary documents (see below).


Your proposal should include an introduction/background section reviewing prior relevant work and establishing a framework for your study, a detailed statement of the research questions to be explored or hypotheses to be tested, a discussion of the significance of the research and expected outcomes/advances, a well considered research plan including a timetable, and an explicit discussion of materials and methods.

3. Budget

The budget is limited to one page.  It should be broken down by line item and include a thorough justification of need. 


Applicants may request funding for field expenses, travel expenses, materials and supplies, wages, and support services. Purchase of permanent equipment, software, and publication costs will be considered, but require strong justification by the applicant. Institutional overheads, salaries, benefits, and professional meeting or conference expenses for applicants are not allowed. All requests must be made in U.S. dollars and may not exceed U.S. $3,000.

Please be specific in describing the line items in your budget and arrange them in the following categories.  The need for each item should be described in the budget justification.

Transportation includes such items as airfare, car rental, and gasoline. For travel (e.g., airfare, hotel stays), include the website or source for the estimated expense and the date the quote was received. 

Equipment may include purchase or rental of items such as jackhammers, shovels, air compressors, computers, cameras, microscopes, and calipers, and must be explained in the Budget Justification section.


Materials and Supplies refer to expendable items such as plaster, burlap, molding/casting/3D printing supplies, and consolidants.


Wages are allowed in some instances for personnel such as field or research assistants. Salary for applicants is not allowed.


Services include such items as illustration of specimens, translation of papers, and computer or imaging (e.g., CT scan) time.


Any additional items may be listed under “Other Expenses."

4. Applicant CV

The applicant’s current CV must be uploaded application.  There is no limit to the length of the CV.

5. Supporting Documents

This may include figures and captions, appendices, permits, letters of invitation, IACUC approvals, and any other necessary supporting documents. This section must not exceed ten pages.

If the applicant intends to conduct museum research, letters of invitation from the museums to be visited must be included as Supporting Documents. 


Applications requesting funds for field work in areas where permits are necessary must submit copies of such permits before funding can be issued.


Applicants conducing consumptive sampling, or imaging for which approval is required (CT scanning etc...) must provide proof of approval at the time of submissions. 


Similarly, if the applicant plans to conduct experimental work on animals where animal care certification is required (e.g., IACUC approval), proof of this certification must be submitted prior to issuance of funds.

Can't access the online submission site?

Applicants who are unable to submit applications through our online proposal system may submit their applications by email. To do so, applicants must download and complete the Cover Page form and combine this with the Proposal Body, Budget, CV, and any Supporting Documents into a single PDF. The completed application PDF must be emailed by the relevant deadline date (September 15 or February 15) to Jurassic Foundation Grants ( Please title the email “Jurassic Foundation Grant Application.”

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