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Cecilia Apaldetti 


Dr. Cecilia Apaldetti is a vertebrate paleontologist at the Argentine National Research Council (CONICET) in the Natural Science Museum of San Juan Province, and a professor of the Universidad Nacional de San Juan, Argentina. 


Cecilia studies the basal form of sauropodomorph dinosaurs and mainly focuses on understanding the origin and evolution of gigantism on Earth. Her research also includes the study of other Triassic-Jurassic vertebrates (such as pterosaurs, turtles, lizards) unearthed from deposits in Argentina, with the aim to know the evolution of terrestrial ecosystems widespread on NW Pangaea. 


She has received different awards for her scientific and outreach contributions. Currently, she is a paleontology reporter on the Argentine National TV network and other media. Furthermore, she frequently gives talks in primary and secondary schools as a way of getting children and teenagers engaged and interested in the paleontological heritage and the scientific world.


Cecilia collaborates in different ways with the Argentine Paleontological Association (APA) as a journal graphic editor and member of its Board Directors. She is actively involved in the Triassic-Jurassic field programs with students and other colleagues. 

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